Tips for Choosing Sexy Lingerie for Your Body Type

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Lingerie has always been a staple in many women’s wardrobes as it serves different purposes and occasions. Some women buy lingerie because it makes them feel beautiful and sexy, while others, because of its comfort. 

When shopping for your lingerie, your choice should not be restricted to the design or the type of fabric only as different lingerie types fit better on certain body types. 

To purchase lingerie that you fancy and one that suits your shape perfectly, you need to understand the types of body shapes, lingerie styles, and the one that will accentuate your best features.

Below are different body shapes women have been classified to:

Shapes of Lingerie:

The Apple shape

The apple shape is also referred to as the inverted triangle. Women with this body type have broad shoulders, large bust, undefined waistline, narrow hips, slimmer legs, and arms. People with the apple body shape tend to put on weight first in their upper body than the rest. 

The pear shape

The pear shape can also be referred to as the triangle shape. Women with this body type are characterized as having wide hips and butt, slim shoulders, fairly defined waistline, small bust (there are a few exceptions), and slim arms. People with this type of body put on weight first in their lower body. 

The rectangle shape

The rectangle body shape is also referred to as the banana shape, the ruler shape, the straight shape, the athlete shape, or the column. Athletes and models are popularly known to have this shape. 

Women with the rectangle shape are lean, tall, and long – they don’t have any area of their body overly big. This body type is similar to the hourglass but lacks the distinctly tapered-in waist; women with this body type have equal measurements for all sections of their body. 

The hourglass shape

The hourglass is a sort after shape by many women; it is defined as a proportionate bust to hip and a tapered-in waist. Women with the hourglass shape have a bust, a hip of equal size (or almost), a tiny waist, naturally rounded buttocks, slightly rounded shoulders, and legs in proportion with the upper body. 

The round torso

The round body shape is also referred to as the oval shape; it is characterized by a full bust – usually bigger than the rest of the body – narrow hips and a midsection that looks full. Women with this body type will put on weight in their stomach before other areas of the body. 

Now that you know the different body types and have been able to determine where you fit, have a look at the different lingerie styles available. 

Garter belt

The garter belt is a good lingerie option for women dipping their feet into the world of sexiness; it might look complicated, but it’s not. It comes with lacey knee-high socks, suspender belts, a lacey bra or corset, and panties. The suspender belts hold the stockings to the pants. 

Matching sets

The matching lingerie set is one every woman should own. The set incorporates panties and bras of similar design, color, and pattern. When you have a beautiful matching set underneath your cloth, you will feel sexy and confident all through the day. 


The corset is one piece of lingerie that goes way back in history; it was seen as a patriarchal object of power worn by the rich. In recent times, the corset is seen as a restrictive garment that reduces the size of a woman’s waist, hiding any unwanted bulge. 


The bustier is similar to the corset but it places more emphasis on the bust. The bustier is a good choice of lingerie for women with small boobs as it serves as a push-up bra to make the breast look bigger and well-rounded while tapering in the waist to create an alluring figure. 


The teddy lingerie is a one-piece design that looks like a swimsuit; it usually comes in fabrics like satin, lace, leather, or lycra. The teddy lingerie looks sexy and playful at the same time. 



You can never go wrong with a negligee as it suits all body types. It was first discovered in the 18th century in France and is considered a feminine and romantic piece. The negligee is a flirter option you can wear over your lingerie as against your dressing gown.


The baby doll dresses are a great option for women with broad shoulders and narrow waist, the soft strap of the dress will flatter your shoulders while the flouncy bottom will create a balance in your lower body.  


Everyone loves silk and how it feels on the skin. Show off some legs in gorgeous silk matching top and shorts camisole; it is a good choice for summer nights. 


The Chemise is a simple short dress that was made popular in the 1920s. The beautiful piece hangs down from your shoulder and comes in materials like shimmering silk, satin, or delicate cotton. 


Choosing the best lingerie for your body type

The apple shape woman will look stunning in a teddy or babydoll lingerie as it accentuates her bust while creating a balance between her wide shoulders and her lower body. 

When choosing lingerie for the inverted triangle body, don’t be shy of accentuating your tiny waist and narrow shoulders while also showing off your backside. A bustier or a corset can create an illusion of a bigger breast to balance your lower body. 

The triangle shape woman will draw positive attention to her long, lean torso in a bustier, a babydoll dress, or a bodysuit. Tops with tiny straps will also help take away focus from the shoulders. 

A woman with a round torso can create a proportionate look with a sexy negligee that draws attention to her breast and hides her waist and her midsection.

The hourglass woman will look great in almost all lingerie styles because of her tiny waist and fuller curves. To amp up the look, an hourglass shape woman will look stunning in matching sets, corsets, garter belts, and teddies. 

When lingerie shopping, bear in mind that there is something sexy for every body type, all you need is to know what flatters your best features.

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