The Best Birth Control Methods and Options

Birth Control Methods and Options

Best Birth Control Methods

Birth Control Methods are to prevent pregnancy and here in this article we are here to give you more knowledge on the options of birth control.

Children like the saying goes, are a gift from God but it would not feel that way if you are not prepared to have them. As much as having a child is a good thing, it is something that you must be financially, emotionally, and mentally prepared to handle.

If you are certain you are not ready for the sleepless nights, diaper changes, late-night cries, and every other thing having a new baby bring, you should protect yourself at all time to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

You might be thinking “I can always get an abortion,” as much as that is true, it is easier to prevent being in such circumstances with birth control. Birth control is a reliable option for prevention against surprise pregnancy.

How The Process Works

Different birth controls react differently on people, what works for one person might not be suitable for another person’s body. Below are some of the facts about birth control methods.

Behavior. These are deliberate choices you make to prevent unwanted pregnancy; such choices could be avoiding sex completely (referred to as abstinence), or avoiding sex during your ovulation window (fertility awareness), or the ancient method of pulling out before ejaculation (withdrawal).

Hormonal. This type of birth control affects the chemistry of the woman’s body; depending on the hormone the birth control impacts, it could stop the ovaries from releasing eggs, it could thin the uterus lining, or thicken the mucus around the cervix to prevent the sperm from getting to the eggs.

Barrier. The barrier birth control method is inserted on or into your body before sex to block the sperm from getting to the egg.  

Medical. This type of birth control is a procedure that changes your body.

Types of Birth Control

There are different types of birth control, while some are better for short-term use, others are recommended for long-term use. The types of birth control can be divided into reversible and irreversible contraceptives.   

Reversible contraceptives are best for people who want to have a family but are not ready to begin at the moment.

Contraceptive injections

The single-shot injection which is given once in three months contains a man-made hormone that acts like progesterone or estrogen in the body. What the content of the injection does is to stop ovulation or thicken the mucus covering the cervix to prevent sperm from reaching the uterus.

A very popular contraceptive injection is the Depo-Provera which contains medroxyprogesterone that prevents the sperm from getting into the uterus, while also stopping ovulation. The injection is quite reliable (99%) and is considered one of the best contraceptive options for couples.

The implant

The implant contraceptive is a flexible four-inch rod that is planted in the upper arm under the skin by a medical practitioner. For people who cannot take the pills judiciously and hate getting shot every three months, the implant sounds like a good choice for them.

The implant contraceptive is effective for up to five years and offers more protection when compared to traditional methods.  If you change your mind within the five years to have kids, you can ask your doctor to take out the rod.

IUD (Intrauterine Device)                   

IUDs are a type of contraceptive inserted into the uterus to prevent the egg and sperm from fusing. The IUD can also serve long-term purposes as it can remain effective for a period of three to ten years depending on the type inserted. Like the implant, the IUD can be removed when you are ready to have kids. The IUD can either be the Copper-T or the hormonal IUD.


The diaphragm is one of the oldest forms of birth control; the method places a shallow dome-shaped cup as a barrier in your vagina. The device is placed at the entrance of the cervix to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. The advantage of this method is that you can put it in yourself before sex and remove it after.                                         

Birth Control Pills – Methods and Options

The birth control pill is another popular contraceptive used by women; it is a scheduled pill that is synced with your menstrual cycle. Depending on the pill you are using, your dosage when you begin might be one every day for a while, followed by a short gap, and then a repeat of taking the drugs until you are ready to be pregnant


The use of the condom is the most popular birth control among people because aside from protecting from STI and STDs, it also prevents unwanted pregnancy. Condoms come in both male and female designs.         

Irreversible contraceptives

These are contraceptives that once administered cannot be reversed; this means you can never have a child again after the procedure. This option is best for people who are done having kids or people who are sure they never want kids.

Tube ligation

This type of birth control is a minor surgery done on the woman. The process seals her fallopian tubes, which carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus; it permanently blocks the fusion of sperm and eggs.


The vasectomy is done on the men. It is a male sterilization process that seals the vas deferens (the tubes that carry sperm). Performing this simple procedure means the man cannot impregnate any woman even if he still ejaculates during sex.      

In conclusion, before choosing birth control for yourself, we advise you to speak to your gynecologist to advise you on which of these options will suit you.

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