We exceed industry expectations

We have invested into top engineers and designers to build out our R&D department to ensure the comfort, looks and reliability of each of our Loverrella product.  Every design is iterated over and over again, relentlessly to make sure that we exceed the high expectations we set for ourselves.  We put our products through custom test cases to ensure proper comfort and aesthetics which will be pleasing to all our customers.  We engage focus groups and invite experts to try out our new products before we even begin production. 

Our QC process

As part of our manufacturing process, we adhere to industry leading practices to ensure our products are safe and reliable.  Every single piece of product must clear our industry leading QC standards before it is sanitized and packed for shipping. 

Loverrella Sex Toys for Adults

Our Guarantee

We are so certain that you will love our product and that our product will continue to last due to our rigorous process and QC checks that we will be providing an additional extended warranty of 3 years* to our already industry leading 2 year 1-for-1 exchange warranty** program.

*to be eligible, you will need to share the product you bought on social media and tag our socials.

** Warranty is activated when you register your product online and activate your account with us.