Squirting: Everything You Need To Know

Squirting: Everything You Need To Know

The idea of squirting and female ejaculation has always been a fascinating topic and one shrouded in mystery; up until the 90s, people believed squirting is only urine and nothing more. The idea of a woman ejaculating as a man sounds like a sexual unicorn. 

Squirting is different from peeing in so many ways and different women’s body makeup will affect if, and how they can squirt. 

If you are curious about the whole fluid raining process and would want to experience it by either teaching yourself or teaching another, here is a guide to squirting 101 and everything you need to know. 


What is Squirting?

Squirting is the excretion of a type of liquid from the urethra (notice I said urethra and not vagina). The fluid excreted is a combination of urine and prostate-specific androgen which contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine – all present on the lower end of a woman’s urethra. 

Partners of squirters have reported that the fluid smells differently from urine and also tastes different. The taste has been described as sweet or natural. 

How does it feel?

This question doesn’t have a specific response because how it feels differs with different people; although, they have all said something in common, “it felt really good.” Some people say it feels like an orgasm, while others say it’s different – more intense. 

Can everyone attain it?

The question of if every woman with a vulva can squirt is a dicey one as technically, they have the mechanism required to but not every woman has been able to. Studies have shown that only ten to fifty percent of women with a vulva will or have squirted. 

Some women have squirted without knowing because they excreted very little of the fluid while others produce so much, they will need a towel. 

If you have never experienced squirting, don’t put yourself under pressure to achieve the squirting status as being able to squirt isn’t better than not being able to.


Are some positions better for Squirting?

If you are trying to get yourself to squirt either solo or with a partner, positions that stimulate the G-spot and clit simultaneously work better. Some of such positions are:

Doggy style: The doggy position provides you with the right angle to stimulate the front walls of the vagina where the G-spot is with either a penis or a dildo. 

Manual missionary: Penetration with fingers is more likely to get a woman to squirt than a penis or dildo. Fingering alongside cunnilingus has been known to work for some women, while others prefer touching their clitoris themselves while their partner fingers them making the ‘come hither motion.’

Toy play: The use of toys has also been reported to have a positive effect. Toys designed for G-spot play can be used with a partner or alone.


Trying to make yourself squirt:

Making yourself squirt is something you can achieve without a partner if you are someone who squirts – this you can confirm through masturbation. For you to achieve this, you need to:

Relax: for you to squirt, you need to be relaxed both physically and mentally.

Explore your erogenous zones: You need to put yourself in the mood for sex when starting. Touching areas that arouse you with your fingers, or a vibrator will get you prepped up. 

Rub your clitoris: Remember, your clit has a major part to play in helping you squirt, you should stimulate it using either a clit stimulation toy or your fingers.

Locate your G-spot: Your G-spot is easier to locate when you are aroused. Massage your G-spot with a wand or your finger while touching your clit.

Keep going: Some people complain about the urge to pee just before they squirt; if you feel this way, don’t stop, it’s a sign you might get that big squirt you have always wanted. 

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Making your partner Squirt:

If you want to make your partner squirt, follow the steps stated above but replace their fingers with your mouth and fingers. Avoid putting your partner under pressure to squirt as it doesn’t make them any different from who they are. 


Other things you need to know about Squirting:

Squirting does not come from the vagina

When watching a woman squirt in a video, it’s difficult to tell if the fluid released is coming from her vagina or her urethra. The urethra is close to the vagina and that’s where pee, as well as squirt, comes out of. 

Female ejaculation and squirting are not the same

For some women, squirting, and orgasm happen at the same time, while for others, it happens separately. Orgasm is ejaculation of a small amount of whitish fluid from your urethral glands, while squirting might or might not be orgasm related.  

It is similar to peeing

The fluid excreted during squirting comes from the bladder and it has been described as a watered-down version of the urine. 

You might have squirted unknowingly

A lot of women have squirted involuntarily during foreplay or orgasm. Learning to know the difference is the key.

It is different from what you see in porn

People watch porn and they want to judge how good or bad they are at sex based on this, forgetting that porn is a script acted and not everything they portray is real.

A woman can have a great orgasm without squirting, don’t be after the squirt only. Focus on ensuring your partner is totally satisfied by giving them good orgasms with or without squirting.

It can enhance orgasm in some people

For women who attain orgasm at the same time they squirt, it can be very intense. The feeling has been likened to how men feel when they ejaculate while having an orgasm. 

In conclusion, squirting is not a myth and it is something every woman can experience. Learning whether you can squirt is a good way to know more about your body and if you find out you cannot, it doesn’t make you less of a woman. 

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