Signs Reflecting That You May Need A Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Satisfying sex life should be enjoyed by everyone, but Several couples suffer from disconnected relationships that affect their sex life; chances are they do not know this. On the other hand, some might be aware but do not want to address the situation. When they do decide to talk about it people usually choose couples therapy. The approach will not be effective, because a dysfunctional relationship with sex as the underlying cause will need sex therapy as sex is a strong, yet fragile and fundamental part of every relationship. 

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a form of therapy, where couples get to talk about deep-rooted issues affecting their sexual life. There are no boundaries here as couples can talk about anything from medical, physical, emotional, personal, and all other things that might be hindering sexual satisfaction. These issues may be past experiences or new ones that develop as the couple spends time together.

The therapy session will provide a comfortable atmosphere for couples to let out their stress, while they find ways to process the issues they are having and manage them better. That way, they can also channel in the changes in all area that requires it. Most physical activities involved will be done between you and your partner alone, so be ready to work to achieve the sex life you want. The therapist will just be there to guide you through it all. 

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Signs your relationship need sex therapy 

Lack of intimacy

If intimacy is lacking in your relationship and it is causing a strain on your general life. Then as a couple, you need to go for sex therapy counseling. This is because many couples disregard the importance of such conversations when it might just be what will make their sex and relationship better. 

The sex just stopped happening

Over time, without noticing, couples stop having sex. They might stay for a long period without even thinking about having sex with each other. It is then easy for them to fall into a pattern of seeing themselves as acquaintances rather than lovers. If you are not comfortable with a sexless state in your relationship, then you should start seeking for remedy. This is because such situations are not part of a healthy relationship.

You see sex as obligatory 

Sex is supposed to bring pleasure to both parties. When sex no longer serves this purpose, it is an issue to watch out for. You might not notice it, but when the topic of sex is brought up you find an excuse to avoid it. A sense of peace passes through you when your partner doesn’t make sexual advances towards you, this is a red flag.

Orgasms are difficult to reach

If at the early stages of the union the orgasms were coming easily, but now,  you are struggling to get them; it might be a sign you need therapy. When this becomes known and both partners have tried different ways to help the situation but it doesn’t seem to be working, then it is only right for a sex therapist to take over. Also, if the situation is caused by a medical condition, or you naturally need extra help to reach orgasm, then you shouldn’t be so concerned with seeking therapy as an option. 

Obsession for sex

The way things get done is limited and so is sex. Sometimes people get so engrossed in sexual thoughts that they might not be able to function properly. They might find ways to disguise these feelings as normal desires. Most people may succeed in doing it until it becomes too obvious and starts affecting their life in general. To avoid getting to this stage therapy is needed. 

You both fight before or after sex

Most times after sex, you have negative feelings toward your partner based on issues relating to sex, or probably sex also makes you feel bad about yourself. You question your relationship and have resentment that leads to fights often after having sex with your partner. Then it is time you book a session with a sex therapist. To help dissect the pent-up resentment and doubts you might be having about sex with each other.

When the sex drive of your partner raises concern

This is common with couples because sexual partners cannot have the same sex drive. Fights may occur as you try to match and navigate the frequency of sex. This is because it takes compromises to be able to understand this despite being in love. A therapist can help couples better understand the situation, find ways to help partners make sexual encounters more exciting. They also help both parties be more comfortable with the refusal of their sexual advances; this way, the couple sees no reason to pick fights over sex.

In need of spice in your sex life

At some point or the other, couples may seek to add spice to their bedroom time but may not know how to go about it. If you are feeling like you and your partner are not exploring the full pleasures of sex, you may seek out some professional help. No one says sex therapists are for the bad times only, they can also help train on sex techniques, styles, tricks, and new things to try which will help couples explore new boundaries that spice up the sex in their relationship.

In summary, it is often the little things such as lack of sexual communication and not prioritizing intimacy with your partner which you may not pay attention to that will cause the relationship to deteriorate. When sex is off the table for long, it affects intimacy, which in turn will breed other issues for the relationship.

Sex therapy is the best approach to deal with all background issues that interfere with full sexual enjoyment. It can be achieved by honest communication from couples ready to try so they can improve their sex life.

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