Best Tips To Have Longer Lasting Orgasm

Tips for longer lasting orgasm

Everyone loves a good orgasm either with a partner or solo. A great orgasm helps you relax and relieve tension while creating a feeling of closeness with the other party. 

Orgasm is normally associated with sex because a sexual encounter is expected to end in a climax but you don’t necessarily need to have sex to attain orgasm. 

Orgasm for women and men are slightly different because of the biological makeup of the body. Where women can attain multiple orgasms in one romp, most men can only attain one. 

Aside from women being able to get multiple climaxes in one sexual session, each orgasm can last for up to twenty seconds unlike that of men that are only three seconds long. 

How then can climax be prolonged? Must the good feeling end so soon? Before touching on ways to attain longer-lasting orgasms, let’s have a look at what happens to the body during orgasm

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What happens to me during an orgasm?

During arousal, blood rushes to the genitals, this blood rush causes several nerve endings in your buttocks, pelvic, and thighs to become tense. During the climax, your body releases the tension in these nerve endings in series of pleasurable waves; these waves consist of big and small orgasms.

While orgasming, the brain blocks out all other thoughts and focuses completely on the climax sensation – at that moment, you lose your awareness of sounds and smell. 

Why do people orgasm?

People generally associate the male climax with ejaculation because men release semen during orgasm; it is uncertain what the purpose of the female climax is but there are some theories:

Some say the vaginal contractions women experience during climax helps to pull semen towards the cervix for procreation. 

Another theory is that in prehistoric women, the hormones released during orgasm help their ovaries release an egg. In modern times, women now independently ovulate. 

It is also believed that orgasms can be used as a bargaining tool for reinforcement in relationships to keep partners insatiable and coming back for more. 

Benefits of orgasms

Aside from the pleasure enjoyed for orgasm, there are also other benefits you can enjoy from climaxing, some of which are:

1. Better sleep 

After attaining orgasm, your brain produces prolactin hormone that helps you sleep quickly; oxytocin and vasopressin are also produced to help you sleep soundly. 

2. Elevated mood

The oxytocin hormone released during orgasm is called the “feel good” hormone because you literally feel happier post-orgasm. 

3. Strengthens pelvic floor for women

The contraction of the pelvic during orgasm helps to tighten and firm the pelvic floor which is what kegel does for the pelvic. 

4. Gives you healthier skin

Oxytocin released during climax helps to reduce cortisol which is responsible for excess oil production which invariably reduces clog pores and breakouts. 

5. Reduces anxiety

Orgasm helps to elevate your mood and reduce anxiety. Oxytocin hormone produced during sex takes care of this and also helps you sleep. 


How to attain longer-lasting orgasms: 

1. Kegels before sex!

Sex experts advise couples to practice Kegel exercise before sex. Kegels strengthen the pelvic floor by contracting the muscles repeatedly which sends signals to the brain.

The signals from the pelvic floor stimulate the prostate in men and the uterus in women to activate sexual power centers for intense orgasms. 

2. Use lube!

The use of lubricant cannot be overemphasized for higher levels of pleasure and arousal. Most women dry out after a few orgasms, the lube helps to keep the vagina lubricated and increases the number of orgasms you get. 

However, when choosing a lube, pick one that is water-based and contains natural and safe ingredients. 

3. Practice breathing exercise

Breathing in fast and slow heightens your excitement and arousal and helps you remain grounded in the moment. Breathing also relaxes your body, allowing for a deep, intense, and prolonged orgasm. 

4. Practice yoga

When you are fit, it affects your sex life positively. Yoga helps to improve your sexual desire, strengthen your orgasm, and increase your sex drive.

5. Don’t ignore foreplay

Foreplay is the foundation for a great orgasm. When you resist the urge to dive in for immediate satisfaction but instead build the tension with foreplay, the climax from the buildup will be more intense, explosive, and gratifying. 

6. Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle

Some people underestimate the power of cuddling and physical touches. Forms of touching like kissing, hugging, and cuddling all help your brain release oxytocin which increases the intensity of your orgasms.

7. Let your imagination run wild

The mind is a powerful tool and feeding it with lustful thoughts will get you aroused which is a huge factor in achieving longer and lasting orgasms.

8. Edging

Edging, also referred to as peaking, teasing, or surfing is the act of stopping yourself from climaxing when you are on the edge of it; it’s an old treatment for premature ejaculation. 

During edging, you stop yourself from orgasming by cutting off all sexual stimulation for thirty seconds before resuming the process. You will repeat the process until you are ready to cum. 

Edging helps you last longer in bed, allowing you to enjoy an explosive and longer-lasting orgasm when you finally let go.

In conclusion, you deserve to feel sexually satisfied every time, attaining a longer and lasting orgasm is an excellent way of achieving this.

We hope these tips above help you orgasm away.

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