Best Natural ways to Boost your Sex Drive

Boost Your Sex Drive

Knowing how to boost your sex drive is necessary. At the beginning of a new relationship, partners are more eager and excited about sex. It may be due to the fresh spark of attraction. Over time, having sex the same way will get boring – coupled with the sense of over-familiarity. The spark in the new relationship will diminish, and you begin to experience reduced sexual encounters. 

Factors like having kids, which shift the focus from intimacy to raising a family and keeping the home can contribute to the lack of sexual excitement

Another thing that can affect sex life is poor communication and not being intentional about your attraction to your partner. Sometimes it is caused by holding a grudge, from altercations and petty fights between both partners; the pressure from work and family can also affect thinking about sexual intercourse.  

Below are some of the ways to enhance your sexual life!

When sex begins to feel like a chore, it is a sign that an important element is needed to boost your sex drive.


Communicate to identify needs 

The first step to boost your sex life is having a conversation about it with your partner – your fantasies, your likes in bed, and sexual expectations; this way, you communicate your desires better.  

It might feel like a weird conversation to have, but it is essential. Such talk helps rid some of the bad blood while allowing you to discuss ways to be better for each other. Do not shy away from it if you are ready to boost your sex life.

It is through communication couples get to know what puts their partner in the mood. Kissing, relaxing, and soft caress are things you will know. It might be something little you do in a certain way that turns your partner on. If you don’t say what you want to done to you, it becomes a barrier to your sexual pleasures.

Find ways to increase intimacy

Couples who make an effort to enjoy their sex life, reduce excuses, and have regular sex, always have a better and more pleasurable sexual life. Try to be in tune with the sexual energy of your partner, while being flexible and open to go with the flow. On the other hand, it is not just sexual intercourse that increases intimacy. Physical acts of massages, touching, and cuddling does magic for certain people. 

Real intimacy is not just for the bedroom only. The relationship and connection couples have should reflect how intimate they are irrespective of their location. Making an effort will only yield results when you are truly present in the moment.

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Be adventurous

Search for exciting new things both of you can enjoy and bond over. Extreme activities can create dopamine which helps your brain spark up a romantic attraction that will lead to arousal and possibly sex. Couples can also choose to try role-plays to get their sexy characters on. When you are committed to the idea and have fun, the sex will feel different. Anyways, it is more effective if it is done on a getaway or an overnight stay at a new location. 

Go out on dates

Date nights are an old trick that holds the promise of boosting your sex life. Scheduled alone time that works for both parties should be a priority once in a while. Be creative with the dates so it rekindles the attraction; this might make the relationship seem pretty new while also making partners more comfortable to enjoy each other’s company. 

As it is expected, when one gets comfortable, they just might be willing to try new things to explore their pleasure. The goal here is making out time to sustain the intimacy and physical connection of the relationship.

Sex class

This is a new way to improve sex life. it is a fun way to enjoy sex play which presents an avenue to learn new ways to pleasure one another. Couples get introduced to new dimensions and probably the use of toys to elevate their sex life. It is best to schedule it for the weekend so you get the time to practice fresh sex positions and skills.

Be bold and sexy

Sensual acts can make one feel sexy; it’s best to invest free time in doing what will make you feel that way. This involves yoga exercises, dressing in sexy undergarments, a new hairstyle or dance step, and all other things that let you focus on your body, letting you view it as a masterpiece. Feeling sexy can increase your boldness, which may enable you to take charge and initiate sex. Take it up a notch, by exploring new locations and sex positions.

Aphrodisiac food to boost sex life           

Certain foods boost libido, and thus improves the sex life. Top of the list is oysters; this zinc-rich seafood has been known to raise your libido. It gets the blood flowing to the right places for sex. Meals rich in protein such as chicken, beef, and dairy products, work as well because of the amino acid they contain. Other options are apples, beetroots, nuts, and salmon. The drink choice should be a good red wine to help enhance sexual desires.

It is possible you do all of these and it still does not work out. Some sex experts suggest doing some Kegel exercise, watching porn or erotic movies together, dirty talking, and even masturbating while your partner watches. Doing these will extend foreplay and add spice to your sex life. 

In conclusion, Be in touch with the inner you, take care of your body. Learning on how to boost your sex drive might seem like so much work at first, but with time and commitment, the positive results will make it worth all the effort.

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