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How does being in love with oneself affect one’s mental state?

How does being in love with oneself affect one's mental state?

What is self love?

Self love is a state of appreciation for oneself that can be cultivated from conscious efforts to support your mental and physical growth. Being in love with oneself means to have a high regard for your own body and well-being. Loving oneself means to take care of your own needs and prioritize yourself so that you are not sacrificing your well-being to please someone else. Having more self-compassion builds resilience in the face of adversity, helping people to recover more quickly from trauma or romantic separation. 

Figuring out what being in love with oneself looks like for you as an unique individual should be a vital part of your mental health journey.

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How masturbation can positively impact you?

Touching oneself, or any part of your body, in a caring and loving manner is beneficial to your mental wellbeing. Through self touch, you can uncover the parts of yourself that yearn to be touched, the parts that make you feel amazing and the parts that make you feel anxious or upset. It is a wonderful way to learn, soothe and stimulate your own body. This also means that you are less reliant on someone else for touch and to feel in the void of being loveless. You can enjoy the sensation and state of love for the sake of enjoyment rather than a desperate need for intimacy.

Furthermore, when you come to understand the ins and outs of your body, you gain a deep respect for it. The human body is a beautiful piece of artwork. Masturbation allows you to experiment, explore and play with different sensations, stimulation areas and pleasure points in a safe manner. Through this, you learn to be in tune with your body and you are able to discover what makes you feel good. With this valuable knowledge, it will be easier to replicate in real time with someone else in the bed, should you desire so.

Benefits of Masturbation

Benefits of Masturbation

If you have experienced self-pleasure through touch, you probably know firsthand that masturbation feels good. But, did you know that it is also good for other aspects of your life, such as your mental wellbeing, relationships and much more!

Masturbation can improve sleep

Sleep is essential to your health. It helps to boost your immune system, sharpen your cognitive ability and improve your productivity. It also helps to lower your risk of depression and anxiety. Masturbation can give you pleasure and release endorphins which reduces stress while putting your body in a relaxed state. The feel-good hormones released can help your body get into your REM cycles better, which can make you feel more restful. They give you a chance to recharge your physical and mental wellbeing.

Masturbation may also give you more energy

Everyone is different and not all of us get sleepy after masturbating. Some actually reported feeling more energized after this act. How do you know what masturbation does for you? Well, after trying the first few times, you will come to know your body very well and the effects of masturbation have on you. For some, getting a dose of morning orgasm is a great way to start the day refreshed.

Masturbation can improve trust in romantic relationships

When you open up yourself to try new things with your significant other, it invokes trust and communication between both parties. This is crucial to enhance relationships and the trust between partners. To keep your relationship interesting and spicy, consider using adult toys. Perhaps the most difficult hurdle is just getting past the initial step of getting your very own adult toy. Experiment and have fun. After you are comfortable with your first toy, you can slowly add more to your collection.

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Masturbation is a safer sex choice

Unlike most forms of partnered sex, masturbating alone cannot lead to transmission of sexual diseases or pregnancy. This makes it a great choice for safer sex option. If you are in a plight with a partner whereby other sex precautions are not currently available, masturbation can be a fun yet steamy and sexy way to enjoy your intimidate sexual encounters with each other without risking anyone’s health.

Masturbation allows you to get to know yourself better

Are you in tune with your body? Most people actually do not know what types of touch and which part of their body they enjoy being teased. They do not know enough of such information to relay to their romantic partner and this is where masturbation comes in. It allows you to explore and experiment what touches, pressures, intensities and strokes to get you going. You get to discover what makes you feel good at your own pace, without any judgement or pressure from anyone else.

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Is Masturbation Good for You?

Is Masturbation Good for You?

Masturbation is a common activity that is natural and safe. It allows you to explore your body and feel the sensual touches that give you pleasure. Excessive masturbation may disrupt your everyday life and your relationships with others. However, this is rarely an issue. When done in moderation, it is actually a fun, healthy and totally normal act to partake in.

Side effects of Masturbation


Many people feel guilty about masturbation because of religious and cultural beliefs. Some were taught from young that masturbation is bad, sinful and should be avoided. For others, they feel guilty due to the lack of information when growing up, no one talked to them about self pleasure or that it is a normal aspect of human sexuality.

Masturbation is neither wrong nor immoral, although you may still hear messages about how self-pleasure is ‘dirty’.


Some people do develop an addiction to masturbation. Signs that you may be spending too much time masturbating if it causes you to:

Suffer in your work or personal life
Feel negative emotions, such as anger, stress or sadness, and your go-to response for comfort is to masturbate
Masturbate even if you do not want to
Find it difficult to stop thinking about masturbation

This addiction can disrupt your life greatly in a negative way. It may hurt your romantic relationships and friendships. If you are worried that you may have an addiction to masturbation, seek out help from a doctor to find ways to cut down on masturbating so that you can lead a happier and healthier life.

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity that is beneficial to your physical and mental well being, among other positive effects. Here are a few ways that show why masturbation is good for you.

Increased self-confidence

Masturbation can help you develop self-awareness, self-love and self-confidence. Humans are incredibly sexual beings yet many people are completely out of touch with their own sexual needs and wants. Masturbation is an amazing confidence booster and good for the soul too. If you think that orgasms are elusive, consider masturbation. Find out what touches, strokes and pressures make you feel good. Get in tune with your own body and find out what exactly you need to reach the point of ultimate bliss. It makes you realize that orgasms are totally accessible as long as you are willing to put yourself through trials and errors, and at the comfort of your own pace with no judgement from others. It can make you feel so much more sexually empowered.

More Pleasurable Partnered Play

If you don’t even know yourself what makes you feel good in bed, it is not realistic to expect your partner to know intuitively what your ‘that’s it’ spots are. We suggest you should explore your own body on your own and get in touch with yourself first. Through masturbation, you can learn exactly what feels good to you sexually and communicate this information to your partner.

Feel Happier

Masturbating activates the parts of your brain that are responsible for pleasure such as the hypothalamus and at the same time, decreases the activities in parts of your brain that are responsible for fear and depression. If you have an organsm, this leads to the release of feel good hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, which contribute to your happiness and mood regulation. These hormones also help you to relieve stress and put you in a more relaxed state of mind. Do not be surprised if you find yourself smiling more!

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